Multilingual Medical Dictionary : All The dermatological terms










Using the right medical terms in French, either for the doctor or the patient may be a hard nut to crack. However, the multilingual expert, Catherine Chantal Marango has come up with a singular solution to this dilemma that has proved to be of immense help to thousands of health specialists, students and patients from all over the world


Introducing the exclusive multilingual dermatological dictionary, the only dictionary of its kind, that would help you master a dermatological terminlology and conversation right away!

What makes this dictionary different from the others, you may want to ask. Well, this book entails everything that you'd need to know about dermatology in French that would help you ace and test you may come up with during your education or career. The heavily illustrated lesson plans make this program an easier and more effective venture while learning French for dermatology

This power dictionary  has been crafted to meet the need of-

•  Medical Practitioners

•  Students and Faculties

•  Researchers

This multi- pages unique  multiligual dictionary for dermatology  covers lessons that end with real results. In less than three hours' time, this bilingual French-English course will help you learn how to deal with a specific medical termniology in a foreign language. Simplified sentences, along with specific terms have been detailed within the curriculum.